by Maggie Witherow, Co-Founder It should have come last week. Did you look in your mailbox? We mailed them on Wed. Jan. 9th. Have you guessed what I’m talking about? The banquet of course. You knew that!!! When was the last time you attended one of Matthew 25 Ministries banquets? We try to have something […]
So, let’s Do Something BIG Together! For the past seven years Matthew 25 Ministries has been part of a global initiative to counter the rampant commercialism surrounding the holiday season. As we celebrate the birth of Christ by giving and sharing gifts, the focus on commercialism can detract from the real “Reason For The Season”. […]
I remember nearly nine years ago when Matthew 25 Ministries welcomed a new resident. He settled in quickly, became active in the community and made many friends. His friendship with one woman grew over time, they began dating and were married in September, 2012 at Jacob’s Destiny Church. I know so well because my beautiful […]
Matthew 25 Ministries is actively involved in many things beyond the 24 acres outside of Pahokee and those we serve there. Our Co-Founder and Community Outreach Coordinator, Maggie Witherow and Executive Director Ted Rodarm will be representing Matthew 25 Ministries at the Palm Beach County Reentry summit on October 3-5. This summit will attract service […]
by Maggie Witherow, Co-Founder A few days ago, as I was getting my hair cut and pretty toes, I was talking to a couple friends and they said they had wanted to go caroling last year, but forgot until it was too late. I know it’s hard to think about Christmas Caroling when it’s still […]
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