by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director Matthew 25 Ministries relocated its housing operation to Pahokee in January 2009 and we are celebrating 10 years at Pelican Lake! Initially, eight residents arrived from Okeechobee and immediately went to work. By the time I arrived later that year, much of the hardest work was already done, however, I […]
by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director While our focus is to provide transitional housing opportunities, we have a number of disabled or elderly residents who will likely be here for the rest of their lives. As our population continues to get older (our oldest is 93), we are increasingly challenged. This year we have had four […]
by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director As I was going for a walk this morning, I was reminded of those we have served. Each individual has their own experience and story to tell. Our residents come from all walks of life – teachers, preachers, former law-enforcement officers, truck drivers and financial advisors. While some are retired, […]
by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director This week we are preparing for the arrival of our newest resident. We are very deliberate in our process of evaluating, accepting and receiving our residents. Going through much of the same process for each individual, some tasks become monotonous – communicating with release officers, probation officials and family members; […]
by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director In 2018 we have welcomed 28 new residents to our community and have seen a similar number successfully transition to the greater community as they have been able to find housing opportunities placing them closer to family and employment opportunities. Each new resident received their own bed, bedding and supplies. […]
I remember nearly nine years ago when Matthew 25 Ministries welcomed a new resident. He settled in quickly, became active in the community and made many friends. His friendship with one woman grew over time, they began dating and were married in September, 2012 at Jacob’s Destiny Church. I know so well because my beautiful […]
by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director We often grow close to those we serve as we get to know them and invest ourselves in them. This month, we welcomed a young man (let’s call him Daniel) who had recently been convicted of a felony. He knew that this felony conviction would change his life forever. He […]
by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director August was a very busy month for us. We welcomed five new residents during this time and are preparing for more in September. Each arrival brings its own challenges. Cleaning, painting and waxing of floors are done in preparation for a new resident. Beds, bedding and supplies are needed as […]
by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director We had what we thought was a good plan. We were planning for the future when earlier this year we set a goal to get a new van. We intended for this to be a year-long campaign, but God had other plans. Last month, we received the news from our […]
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