Hope is what Matthew 25 means to me. After a career of public service where everyone you thought you were friends with wanted nothing to do with you. After a full career and now you have nothing and no way to work in that career, you feel lost like you are all alone. But God […]
As I sit here in my apartment at Matthew 25 Ministries, I look out my window, and all around I see the blessings that God has bestowed upon me. God is Faithful As I sit here, free to do whatever I want to do, I think back to where I was and the many trials […]
My story is common among those who have been deemed sex offenders by the Justice System. When released from prison to South Florida, you learn quickly that there simply is no housing options for us. After searching endlessly with no results, by parents got in touch with the local probation office. It was then that […]
I would like to share my thoughts and feelings on Matthew 25 Ministries here in Pahokee. Before I came here, I was filled with apprehension. I had heard much misinformation about the community: that there would be little help; that we would live with many rules that governed our stay; that we would live in […]
It can be argued that everyone deserves a second chance. But too often, those saddled with the label and stigma of a “sex offense” never get that chance. They are left to fend for themselves amid debilitating laws once their prison sentences have been served. This was not going to be the case with me. […]
From the very start, my interaction with Matthew 25 Ministries has been thoroughly positive, helpful & encouraging. Even on short notice, Matthew 25 responded swiftly to a need to find suitable housing to meet probationary requirements when other alternatives were exhausted and time began to run out before my release date. The fine men at […]
by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director We had what we thought was a good plan. We were planning for the future when earlier this year we set a goal to get a new van. We intended for this to be a year-long campaign, but God had other plans. Last month, we received the news from our […]
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