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Note: By using this donation system, you understand that all donations will be used to support Matthew 25 Ministries, Inc. in its mission to help ex-offenders re-enter society.

It happens every day. Ex-offenders are released from prison into a society that can, all too often, lead them back to incarceration.

How does this happen? Men coming out of prison face very restrictive regulations on where they can live – many are forced into homelessness – which often results in being arrested – which can be a violation of parole – which leads to re-incarceration.

Matthew 25 Ministries provides an exit from this regressive sequence by offering knowledge and resources to assist qualified ex-offenders and current inmates within the facilities we visit.

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Order from Amazon Smile now!

Written by Matthew 25 Ministries' founder, The Modern Day Leper discusses many of the flaws in the way society and the legal system misunderstand ex-offenders.
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