An “Old” Challenge

by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director

While our focus is to provide transitional housing opportunities, we have a number of disabled or elderly residents who will likely be here for the rest of their lives. As our population continues to get older (our oldest is 93), we are increasingly challenged.

This year we have had four residents pass away and we were there for them and their families during these end of life times. Most recently, three of our residents have spent time in the hospital. Much time has been spent visiting them and communicating with doctors, nurses and family members. One of these gentlemen has no family in Florida so we have taken on the role of his immediate family here.

Due to the strict residency restriction laws, there are very few assisted living facilities or nursing homes where they can go to receive proper care. Without access to the medical care they need, we are often tasked with caring for these men the best we can. We are currently coordinating with in-home nursing services and other providers.

If you know of any qualified health care providers who would be willing to share their expertise and time by providing care to some of our residents, please have them contact us or let us know how we may contact them.

Your support helps provide an on-site staff to assist our elderly residents and others in many ways.