Breathe? I’m Trying!

by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director

“Breathe. Just breathe.” I’m trying to do exactly that, though the news I just received (literally – causing us to rewrite part of the newsletter) from our mechanic is not good.

Last month we expressed the need for a new van to meet future transportation needs of our residents. This was meant to be an intermediate range plan to raise enough funds to purchase a new van in the next 12 – 18 months. We had targeted a two-year old 8-passenger van with relatively few miles, costing approximately $30,000, and we had set our goal.

Our current van was on its way to Wal-Mart this morning on one of its weekly shopping trips when Jerry noticed something wrong. Lights began flashing like he had never seen before. He dropped the guys off at Wal-Mart to do their shopping and took it to our mechanic.

Bad news: catastrophic transmission failure. We’re told it’s still drivable, but not for long, and it’s not worth repairing.

In a matter of minutes, we’ve gone from planning for the future to an urgent transportation emergency! We are asking for your help. We have already raised $5200.00 and need to reach our goal as fast as we can. Thank you all for helping to meet our needs. May His richest blessings be yours.