“Breathe. Just Breathe.”

That’s a quote from Luke Skywalker in the last Star Wars movie. Whether you are into Jedi Knights or not, the “breathe, just breathe” phrase is what we are trying to accomplish after the whirlwind of a month that we just went through:

  • On March 19, we moved two men out of our transition house to make room for new residents who were to begin coming in during that week.
  • Randy came in on March 21.
  • Robert came in on March 28.
  • We placed them into the transition house and realized that if they stayed, we couldn’t accommodate the new residents coming in the next two weeks.
  • Paul came in on April 6.
  • Fred came in on April 9.
  • Randy and Robert moved out of the transition house into their own rooms on April 10.
  • Tom came in on April 13.
  • Tamzid came in on April 15.
  • In less than four weeks, we welcomed six new residents into our community!
  • Now we are preparing to move two more men out of the transition house right away to make room for more new residents.

We are still trying to stop and catch our breath so that we can properly prepare to welcome our next family members home.

Image of Matthew 25 Ministries staff with new residents.

This is the cycle that we follow over and over all year long. This process helps our residents have a safe place to live so that they can rebuild their lives.

None of this would be possible without your help:

  • Your generosity helped to provide a home to Randy and Robert.
  • Your generosity helped to provide a new bed for Paul and Fred
  • Your generosity helped to provide personal supplies for Tom and Tamzid.

Thank you for all that you do to help. You’ve impacted lives in more ways than you can ever imagine.