Did You Get It?

by Maggie Witherow, Co-Founder

It should have come last week. Did you look in your mailbox? We mailed them on Wed. Jan. 9th.

Have you guessed what I’m talking about? The banquet of course. You knew that!!!

When was the last time you attended one of Matthew 25 Ministries banquets? We try to have something different and a surprise each year. This year will be no exception. We have a great surprise for you, It’s really neat and I promise you; you will be happy.

Have you ever heard anyone say they didn’t like the food? I haven’t. One lady said, “That was the best Prime Rib I have ever tasted.” I personally like the Broiled Salmon, although the Chicken Piccata sounds good also. So many banquets I attend have one entree on the menu and you have two choices, “Take it or leave it!!”

Any one of the three are available at our banquet and all are the same price—$50.00 each by Feb. 16th and $60.00 after.

Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot to remind you of the date—Sat. February 23rd.

The time was printed on the back of the invitation. Meet and greet at 6:15 PM and all the fun starts at 6:30 PM.

I like it when folks have questions and I have the answers. Call me if you need to: Maggie at 561-432-9072.

“ya-all come!”