Did You Know?

by Maggie Witherow, Co-Founder

I have had the privilege of answering the office phone for the past couple days, and I really don’t know how the staff gets anything else done. I have 3 pages of phone calls and I was surprised how many came from other states. We are well known around the U.S. and in addition to the many calls from state and federal prisons in FL, I received calls from MO, GA, TX, and NM. That was just the first day!

Sometimes the mail comes to the Lake Worth address instead of the one in Pahokee. One day I picked up housing requests from KS, CA, TX, and AL. Wow!
A good part of our job is referring folks to a place near their home town or one better suited to their needs, and I praise God that we can help folks in need. To those mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and even police officers that so desperately are trying to help, I applaud you. It isn’t easy to find housing for those returning from prison.
I thank you for the privilege of being your hands extended and to be able to do as the Lord said. Thank you, Lord, and thank you our newsletter family.