God’s Love, Peace & Joy

by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director

We often grow close to those we serve as we get to know them and invest ourselves in them.

This month, we welcomed a young man (let’s call him Daniel) who had recently been convicted of a felony. He knew that this felony conviction would change his life forever. He had many concerns before he arrived. “Where will I work?” “Who will I live with?” “What will I do?” Knowing many of our residents have been incarcerated, where he had not, he wondered what they would be like and if he could fit in.

Daniel quickly got acclimated and found that the other men in the transition house were quite like him and he fit in right away.

Daniel had been residing in the U.S. legally, but is not a citizen. With a felony conviction on his record, we knew he may be subject to deportation, but he realized he had to move forward while he was here. Nine days after his arrival, immigration officials arrived to detain him.

I felt robbed! I was working with him individually to get him acclimated and we had planned to go job hunting the following day. He was doing so well and there were already signs of success. While I was working with Daniel, there were lessons I learned along the way.

He called me last week to thank me and told me that in the nine days he was at Matthew 25 Ministries, he felt a love, peace and joy that he thought he’d never experience again. We agreed that what he was feeling was Jesus in his heart and he was giving these things as well as receiving them.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to help Daniel in his time of need and the lessons I learned from him. He is now looking forward to being reunited with his family in his homeland and we will always treasure him being a part of our family at Matthew 25 Ministries.