God’s Plan (June 2018)

by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director

We had what we thought was a good plan. We were planning for the future when earlier this year we set a goal to get a new van. We intended for this to be a year-long campaign, but God had other plans.

Last month, we received the news from our mechanic that we needed to replace the van NOW. Like any other flesh and blood individual, I started to worry because I had no idea what we were going to do. Of course, God had the whole situation under control. In the midst of my panic, we received the proceeds from this year’s Great Give and, with other funds held in reserve, suddenly we had $17,000.00 for a new van.

We went to a local Toyota dealer to trade in the old van and buy a new one. After looking at several vans and test driving a couple of them, we found one we really liked. Unfortunately, we weren’t sure it was in our price range as we still were unsure of what we would get as a trade-in value for our old van. We sat in the sales office while the salesman spoke with his manager, wondering what number he would come back with. When he did come back, he sat down and showed that the price of the van minus the trade-in would be $16,997.45, less than three dollars under our budget! I couldn’t believe it! God’s planning was perfect. His plan worked so much better than mine. I am so thankful that God intervened.

I am humbled by the generosity of so many people including the response of our current and former residents. I spent a considerable amount of time making phone calls and I received a common reaction – “I know how important the van is and I want to help.”

On behalf of the men and women whose transportation needs will be met for the next several years – thank you, and may His richest blessings be yours always.