Maggie’s Message (September 2018)

by Maggie Witherow, Co-Founder

A few days ago, as I was getting my hair cut and pretty toes, I was talking to a couple friends and they said they had wanted to go caroling last year, but forgot until it was too late.
I know it’s hard to think about Christmas Caroling when it’s still in the upper 80’s, but we need to get all applications in by Sep 20th to give the chaplains plenty of time to obtain clearance.
As usual, we will be ministering in song (traditional carols) at two work releases and one road prison. It will start at 7:00pm on Thur Dec 13th, 2018.
We generally have around 25 so you won’t have to sing a solo. Good thing as most of us would not “cut the mustard!”
I have had folks ask if I’m scared. I reply, “I’m safer in prison than I am on the streets.” We generally have a good mix of men and women that think like me: it is the beginning of the giving season. The Christ child always goes with us and anoints the group. I have seen grown men cry. It is powerful.
For further information or an application call Maggie 561-432-9072.
Don’t forget the home made dough-nuts and hot apple cider afterward and the final date is Sept 20th. Get busy and call NOW!