by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director

As the deadline looms for me to submit a monthly article, sometimes I struggle to find a topic to write about. This past month there was so much happening and the hustle and bustle kept us busy, if not distracted. One subject that kept coming up in talking with others was the subject of forgiveness. Someone asked Pastor Henderson to begin teaching a class on forgiveness and healing. I believe he already is in that each of his sermons are based on the teaching of Christ and this is a prevalent theme throughout the Bible.

Throughout my journey, I have struggled with the issue of forgiveness. Unable to forgive myself, I was unable to accept God’s forgiveness and to extend this forgiveness to others. As I began to tear down the walls of guilt and fear I had built to protect myself from others and myself, I began to experience something new: peace.

The lessons I have learned, I am now able to pass on to those we serve. As we celebrated Resurrection Day, I reflected on what was done for all of us and I see the correlation between the resurrection of Christ and the resurrection of the lives of those within our community.

Recently, following a Saturday morning “Pastor’s breakfast”, after everyone had filled their stomachs, cleaned up and left, I spend a few quiet moments with Pastor outside. Our conversation stopped and we both felt awash in the peace “that transcends all understanding”. The tangible peace in our community is rooted in the love and forgiveness that comes only from our Lord. What a beautiful thing this is to witness and what a pleasure and privilege it is for me to do for others what was done for me.