hosted by the Re-Entry Task Force of Palm Beach County

With 5% of the world’s population, the United States incarcerates 25% of the world’s prisoners. The successful reintegration of citizens returning to their communities following incarceration is an integral step in the process of reducing the prisoner population, lowering the recidivism rate, and ultimately eliminating mass incarceration across America, saving the nation’s taxpayers millions of dollars annually.

Were you aware of Matthew 25’s involvement with the Re-Entry Task Force of Palm Beach County? It is one of the top Task Forces in the nation. Our own Executive Director is the head of one of the sub committees and will be on the panel for the summit.

This summit will be held in West Palm Beach, FL at the Airport Hilton hotel. It is to “Inspire Change” for anyone that is connected with the prison system and/or returning citizens.

Breakout sessions include: “Innovative funding solutions”; “Defining success”; “Employment”; “Reentry for sex offenders”; “Keys to making it work”; “Family unification”; “Current state of evidence-based reentry practices”; “Overcoming barriers to reentry”; “Housing”; “Reentry on the inside”; plus 10 more! These sessions are led by local and national experts in their fields, including our own Ted Rodarm.

Some of the outstanding key note speakers are:

  • Secretary John Wetzel, Pennsylvania Dept. of Corrections
  • Tonier Cain, Palm Beach County
  • Dr. Edward Latessa, University of Cincinnati
  • Ebony Underwood, We’ve Got Us Now
  • Secretary Alexander Acosta, United States Dept. of Labor

Come attend to show your support of this critical initiative. For further information contact Meredith Fontenot at 561-352-0934 or, or Matthew 25 Ministries website. Look for further information in next month’s newsletter.