Reflections 2018 – #2

by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director

This week we are preparing for the arrival of our newest resident. We are very deliberate in our process of evaluating, accepting and receiving our residents. Going through much of the same process for each individual, some tasks become monotonous – communicating with release officers, probation officials and family members; obtaining a bed and bedding, and purchasing other supplies.

However, as we’re making plans to travel 398 miles to pick up “Jeff”, I’m getting excited. He’s already told me how thankful he is that we will be there when he is released and how he won’t have to spend 18 lonely hours on a Greyhound bus. I’ll get to see the look of satisfaction on his face as he sits down to eat his first meal of freedom and witness the simple joy of a clean, comfortable bed that he can call his own and the contentedness of coming “home”.

What a blessing it is for me to see first-hand the joy that these things bring. Thank you for your support and allowing us to help others.