Reflections 2018 – #3

by Ted Rodarm, Executive Director

As I was going for a walk this morning, I was reminded of those we have served. Each individual has their own experience and story to tell. Our residents come from all walks of life – teachers, preachers, former law-enforcement officers, truck drivers and financial advisors. While some are retired, many are not able to work in chosen professions and are often relegated to menial or labor positions. I watch as the cars are leaving to go to work.

There is Chris, who two year ago was wet, cold, hungry and sleeping under a bridge when we first met him. Today, he is happy in his apartment and I see him smiling as he rides his three-wheel tricycle in the community.

There’s Mitch, a former preacher who has limited mobility due to a number of strokes, sitting under a tree, enjoying the morning sun.

I see a number of our military veterans proudly displaying the American flag in front of their homes. These men honorably served their country during war and peace, yet are often shunned by society today.

As I finished my walk, I was filled with peace, knowing our residents are happy, safe and thankful for the opportunities they have at Matthew 25 Ministries.