Rethinking Church

by Rev. T. Michael Henderson of Jacob’s Destiny Church

Dearest Saints,

With the way our society is going we are having to rethink church. This statement is paramount to me.

Most of the men here in our community are unable to follow current events because of their computer and Internet restrictions. To help keep them informed, I have found myself following events more intently than ever, and, with what I am seeing, praying with a fresh earnestness that our Lord unveil the hidden things so we are not surprised by the revelations to our hearts.

The signs of the times were also of concern to Jesus. He stated we should discern the timing of God’s warnings. Some folk, when confronted with the obvious issues in the world, are overwhelmed. Jesus said “Let not your heart be troubled”. Sometimes that is a daunting task, especially when folks are unable to search for their own information. I ask you to speak to our Lord on our behalf if you will. We are counting on the Holy Spirit to show our place in the Kingdom during these perilous times.

We stand as brothers here, striving for the peace of God that passes all understanding. We would love for you to visit us at Jacob’s Destiny Church, Sunday’s at 9:00am.

Scripture references: Luke 12:56; Matthew 15:3

Thank you and God bless!