She Didn’t Know!

by Maggie Witherow

Yesterday the widow/divorce group went to the fair; as we were sitting at the picnic table eating ice cream (except I was eating my favorite—chocolate covered banana with nuts) Celeste asked Janet if she was coming to the Matthew 25 banquet. Some of these ladies volunteer to prepare and mail the newsletter monthly, so they knew about the banquet on Saturday, February 24th. Janet replied, “I didn’t know.” Mariah told her, “You should come. It is a lot of fun, you get to dress up and the food is delicious.” I told Janet I would give her an invitation when we got back to my home, so she would know that it is at the Atlantis Country Club, 190 Atlantis Blvd. Atlantis, FL 33462 and that it started with fellowship at 6:30 PM followed by dinner at 7:00 PM. The cost is only $48.00 for the dinner and show, or have 8 of your friends join you at the table for only $375.00. Of course she will need to call me at 561-432-9072 or send in the response card that is in the invitation by February 16th. Was it Ed Sullivan that always said, “It is going to be a really great sheu (show)”?