Testimony: Casimir Griglik

From the very start, my interaction with Matthew 25 Ministries has been thoroughly positive, helpful & encouraging. Even on short notice, Matthew 25 responded swiftly to a need to find suitable housing to meet probationary requirements when other alternatives were exhausted and time began to run out before my release date.

The fine men at Matthew 25 expedited all aspects of the application, review and approval process to ensure that I would have a place to stay.

It turns out, this was the best decision I could have made to stay here. With all the helpful recommendations comes the practical assistance also necessary to help an individual set out on the right foot with probation requirements, government assistance programs, counseling services, eligibility for food bank participation and the proper focus on a spiritual outlook for our future which can afford men the patience and discipline require to get “back in the game”.

After one month here as a resident, I feel empowered to begin all aspects of reconstruction necessary in my life, and feel committed to “give back” and help Matthew 25 to be able to help other men as they have assisted me.