Testimony: Hope & Help

Hope is what Matthew 25 means to me. After a career of public service where everyone you thought you were friends with wanted nothing to do with you. After a full career and now you have nothing and no way to work in that career, you feel lost like you are all alone. But God in His infinite wisdom has a plan in all that happens under the sun.

I was lucky to have everything taken from me, because that led me to the Bible. There I felt a relationship building with God and our Savior, Jesus Christ. I then met others who do God’s will and preach the Word. How lucky was I that I was in the county jail with nothing but time to read and study the Word of God?

Just as I was ready to be released, though, the pull of the material world asserted itself. I had nowhere to go and I felt a little hopeless. That’s when Matthew 25 Ministries came along. I now have a place to sleep, food to eat, and others in a similar place in life. Most importantly, there is hope. The hope that just like those others, I can move forward also.

I have learned that God never gives more than you can handle. I see that every day in Matthew 25 – it’s nice to see actual scripture taking place in front of your eyes. All you have to do is look at the new guys coming in and the ones that have been here for a while.

At Matthew 25 Ministries the chance to become a better person is real. The chance to help others is placed before you every day.

In Matthew 25 Ministries, you have staff who truly care about their fellow man. You have a church in line with God’s word. You have other residents who are willing to help and not look down on you for your past, but take you for who you are now and are trying to be. You have hope that things will get better – the faith that it’s all in God’s will.