Testimony: Pedro G.

I would like to share my thoughts and feelings on Matthew 25 Ministries here in Pahokee. Before I came here, I was filled with apprehension. I had heard much misinformation about the community: that there would be little help; that we would live with many rules that governed our stay; that we would live in shacks; it goes on and on.

My apprehension quickly vanished when Ted offered to pick me up upon my release. This simple gesture turned a lot of minds to the kindness of others. My family and friends were taken aback; they thought that if a complete stranger would drive for hours to help me, then surely where I will be going must be filled with compassionate people. They were correct.

When I arrived, all the previous myths were dispelled. The community is lovely; the help that I received to get my paperwork in order was indispensable; the place I stay is clean and concrete. Since my arrival, I have met more and more members of the church, and I can feel the love and hear the compassion of their voice.

To anyone who is thinking of coming to our community, I want you to know that you are in good hands and have made the right choice. And to the members that have accepted me, and the ones I still have yet to meet, I want to say thank you and God bless!