Transportation: Need & Solution

The Transportation NEED

Reliable transportation is one of the most important services we provide to residents of Matthew 25 Ministries.

Currently we have one van to service over 130 residents and their families. One van that:

  • Travels several times a month all over Florida to pick up new residents as they leave prison.
  • Drives our residents to:
    • Appointments with their probation officer;
    • Registration at the Sheriff’s Office;
    • Doctor, clinic, and dental appointments;
    • Visits at the Veterans Administration hospital and benefits services;
    • Walmart for grocery and hard line goods;
    • Food bank;
    • Jacobs Destiny Church is our community church and while it is “on the property”, several of our men are unable to walk to the church and need to be picked up.

The logistics of scheduling this one van is often a nightmare as there are so many competing needs. Sometimes one group of residents needs to go to the VA and another group is headed in the opposite direction.

We need a new 7+ passenger van to meet our growing transportation needs. Additionally, our current van has over 170,000 miles on it, and the new van would replace it as our primary vehicle.

The Transportation SOLUTION

The solution to our need is for you to help us purchase a brand new 7+ passenger van.

We have started a year-long campaign to save enough funds to get a new van directly from the dealer. On top of being good stewards of your regular donations, we are asking you to give just a little bit more.

This month is the perfect opportunity to get started with the Great Give of Palm Beach and Martin Counties. So, get ready for April 24th, then come by our website to donate – the more you give, the more we get from the prizes and bonus pools of the event. And, of course, the more we get, the more we can help our residents.

Help us help others during the

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This is our new goal, beginning in 2018:

image of generic passenger van for transportation needs

Help us get started on April 24!

To find out how, visit