What We Do What does Matthew 25 Ministries do?


We are in the business of investing in the success of individuals when often they are left with no place to turn. Matthew 25 Ministries (through your donations) invests approximately $925.00 to bring home each new resident. It starts with the normal administrative expenses of our process – initial contact, communicating with family and release officers, reviewing the application and conducting an interview. We normally pick them up and transport them home as this can be a confusing and even overwhelming time upon release. This is also our first opportunity to build lasting relationships. Food and clothing are often provided and when they arrive, there is fresh bedding and supplies. The following day is often spent taking them every place necessary to ensure their compliance with their probation requirements or state law. Our staff is also on-site to assist them with applying for health care and food stamps and often provides employment assistance and other services.

Recently, we were able to make the necessary investment in 91-year-old “Bud”. With no support from friends or family, we were able to cover his living expenses until his social security benefits were activated and he became financially self-sufficient. I shudder to think what may have otherwise happened to him.

We have seen that these investments have made a tremendous impact in the lives of individuals by giving them the opportunity to succeed. These successes have resulted in a decrease in homelessness and unemployment, reduced recidivism and re-incarceration, increased public safety and, ultimately, a savings to taxpayers.

I encourage you to make an investment today – in individuals, our communities and Matthew 25 Ministries – Where All Things Are Possible.

Reducing Homelessness
Saving Taxpayer Money
Preventing Recidivism
Improving Public Safety